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TruGolf also features 61 golf courses playable by up to 8 players per game.  Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Devil’s Island and Torrey Pines are just a few of the courses featured in the system.  TruGolf emulates the real outdoors by setting up different obstacles found in golf courses such as wind.
V1 Pro Swing Analyzer is a training aid used by golf instructors to correct a golfer’s swing.  The system is equipped with two cameras to capture two angles of the golfer which is used to analyze and compare to an ideal model in the system database.

iPar Golf features eight Indoor Driving Rang Bays complete with indoor putting greens. The facility’s 8,000 square feet location not only offers the newest and latest innovations in the exciting yet challenging sport of golf, but it also provide a family-oriented gathering event by allowing both parents and children to engage in our variety of fun-filled golf events.

We also cater to every golf enthusiasts; young and old, beginners and professionals, as we offer a wide range of products, lessons and in-house golf services. Lesson packages for both adults and juniors feature the latest innovations in TruGolf Simulators and V1 Pro Swing Analyzer. Students will virtually learn the technical aspect that normal outdoor range lessons cannot provide. These indoor TruGolf simulators are made to perform realistic swing analysis which shows and evaluates the impact score, club swing speed, ball speed, ball angle and more.